Come and Learn to FEAR-Less!

Dreams often go unrealized due to fear & anxiety,…Horsemanship is all about dreams!
FEAR – Less Horsemanship TM brings the power of Personal Coaching and True Horsemanship together to put you on the path to your dreams. Imagine a week long experience in horsemanship training where your horse learns as you progress in your level of horsemanship and deal with any fears that block you along the way! Your confidence will grow and develop as never before in the The FEAR - LESS Horsemanship Clinic ™ with Facilitators Richie Wingfield & StarrLee Heady.The support you will experience can be the turning point in your relationship with your horse. As you work through the stages of development toward performance and dreams, you will build your self confidence by dealing with fear in a supportive environment. Learn what horses know about fear and why it can be a positive force in your horsemanship.
Richie Wingfield is a John & Josh Lyon’s Certified Trainer and is quickly becoming a Premier trainer throughout the United States. Richie’s students, both horse and human have went on to win Championships in multiple areas of horsemanship not to mention the personal relationships enhanced and even saved because of his methods and understanding.
StarrLee Heady M.A., LMHC, CHA II, EAGALA Advanced, is a certified riding instructor and a Licensed Mental Health Professional. She brings a lifetime of equine experience in combination with the professional qualifications of a trainer, a coach, and counselor to your horsemanship experience.
This team can coach you to overcome fears and anxiety and move through the necessary stages of development and toward a FEAR –Less Horsemanship relationship that is moving you toward your dreams. You will spend 5 days and 2 evening sessions learning about your self and your horse. The FEAR – Less Horsemanship Clinic TM will include individualized time for your horse and yourself to understand what it takes to work with confidence.
You will learn how to relax and overcome your fears and anxieties by using techniques that have been well established by those in sports, business, performance and personal disciplines.
Come and get the help you need from this awesome team of professionals.

FEAR – Less Horsemanship TM will be in session at:

PX Equine Enterprises Inc.,
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Please call 904 529-7999, or email for more information and a registration packet.