StarrLee Heady is an EAGALA Advanced Certified professional with designation in both Mental Health and Equine Specialist categories, a CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Certified Instructor in both English & Western riding, and a Richie Wingfield Horsemanship Certified Instructor and has completed intensive Performance Training.

We offer Assertiveness training,
Confidence through Horsemanship,
Specialized training and assistance for the professional working with horses and people, and other specialized services

FEAR-Less Horsemanship Clinics TM will be offered  and are a must for that horseman or horsewoman that has been dealing with nagging anxieties or fears as all levels of riders do. Fear and anxiety can limit your relationship with horses and your performance. Check out the FEAR-Less page for more information.

We proudly host visiting trainers:

Check our events page for dates with Richie Wingfield, of Richie Wingfield Horsemanship and the "Pursuit of Softness" program and certifications.