PX Equine Enterprises Incorporated offers Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association (EAGALA) model Continuing Education, as well as additional Equine and Mental Health continued learning opportunities:

The workshops offered are designed with the goal of personal and professional expertise in the provision of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Interactive Counseling, and Equine Interactive Education. The workshops and approach are effective for educators and others involved in the provision, administration and experience of equine interactive work.

"So You Think You Want to Work With The Military?"
This workshop is a must if you are considering offering  services to military members and their families. Learn about the unique culture(s) of the military and why you must have some military background in order to provide culturally relevant services.

Herds-man-ship & Horse Herd Behavior for Practitioners
Understanding herd behavior is key to chosing interventions in the arena and in sessions. Learn Herds-man-ship and gain confidence in working with horses in groups/herds and practice interventions with out distracting clients or changing the focus of a session.

Participant feedback let us know that the workshop hit the mark for practioners:

“…listening to the trainers discuss horse behavior and rational was eye opening for me as I have been around horses all of my life and never recognized my “stuff” and         how much it effects horse behavior when I am around (and in session).”
“…a lot of concepts useful for an ES (equine specialist), herds-man-ship is great for the total comprehension of the EAGALA model.”
“…I liked demonstration of the connection between horse behavior and a session.”
“…horse psychology explained in simple (non-complex) terms…how we overanalyze and try to make our own issues out of nothing because we try to talk for the horse…how to allow clients to be themselves and the horses to be horses.”

This is a two day workshop designed to prepare participants to offer parenting groups using the equine experiential model. Participants will learn parenting programming, activities, marketing possibilities and personal application and experience of the techniques. Paricipants will have opportunities for coaching through role play and discussion, and will utilize the horses and facility at PX Equine Enterprises Inc. or other appropriate equine facility host. The Parenting From The Barn Workbook is included in the cost of the two day workshop.

Diversity and culture are a part of every interaction whether we are aware of it or not. True diversity experiences are difficult to work through since they cannot be separated from our own culture bound understanding of the world and those of others from different cultures. This workshop allows a look at culture through interaction with the horses, who have a language, social structure, and history quite different than any human. Attending to those cultural and diverse differences gives insight into how we travel through those issues in therapy sessions. The culture of the horse, the Equine Specialist, the Mental Health Professional and the participants are all present in sessions. The workshop will look at the diverse experience of the facilitating teams in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and how that can be used to assist others in Diversity Training experiences. This is a two day workshop experience.

THE N.I.C.K.E.R.R. Program
on-judgmental Interventions Combining Knowledge, Experience, Respect & Reason, a one day coaching experience focusing on teaching and coaching the application of 8 teachable group facilitating skills. These skills will assit the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy facilitating team and others in understanding how to apply group process skills to EAP work and avoid the pitfalls of getting stuck in one on one interactions during a group experience. Learn to understand the work that a group can do, the phases and stages that groups naturally move through, and how to harness the potential of herds and groups for the growth of the participants.


The N.I.C.K.E.R.R. Program workbook is available individually and as a package.

The N.I.C.K.E.R.R. workbook + a one day coaching experience, $175.00
(watch the Events page for scheduling of coaching days)
The N.I.C.K.E.R.R. workbook + up to 1 1/2 hours of consultation with the authors, $175.00

Parenting From The Barn: A Brief Guide to A Psycho-Educational Parenting Program
Utilizing Equine Interactive Learning Activities.
This manual gives you a head start in planning and implementing a Parenting Program with horses. The book was first written in 2004 and includes an overview of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy practices and Parenting Curricula. It was updated in 2005 to include “Transitioning (The Family Plan) with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Equine Interactive Counseling” which includes a sample program outline and takes you a step further into helping families move from challenge to healthy choices in parenting and family functioning. Practitioners from around the world have used this manual as a spring board to providing parenting programming in their Equine Assisted practices.

Professional Consultation is available for those who are interested in starting a program utilizing EAGALA Model EAP. Please call for more infomation and scheduling.  904 529-7999 
(*watch for our Diversity workshop manual coming soon!)